To Not Get Burned



I worked months to finally earn
enough time off to take my turn
for vacation—time in the sun.
Away for some rest and some fun;
cares of this world, not my concern.

The beach, where each year I return,
calms me, my mind no longer churns.
My only goal, when day is done –
to not get burned.

It’s the same goal (as I have learned)
back in reality. I yearn
to find happiness with someone
before this life is over, done.
Above all I pray to discern…
to not get burned.

P. Wanken

Written for Poetic Bloomings “Life is a Beach” – Day 23: Suntan/Sunburn (Rondeau).



    1. My first (and most likely last!?) attempt at a Rondeau. I hardly ever write in rhyme, let alone a sequence…and remembering syllable count on top of it all? As for that sunscreen — would be nice, huh!? 🙂


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