Month: July 2013

One (If By Sea)

A Mermaid by John William Waterhouse.

A Mermaid by John William Waterhouse. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


ONE (If By Sea)

From her own little tide pool,
she watched him on land;
she knew nothing of dirt,
just the feeling of sand.

They were worlds apart,
more than an ocean’s divide.
She wondered what would happen
if their worlds would collide.

One morning he saw her
swimming at high tide.
He watched her intently;
on his breath, a soft sigh:

the sun’s rising radiance
matched only by her hair;
the crystal blue sky
reflected her eyes, so fair.

He knew he must meet her,
into the water he dove.
He swam to her side,
through the depths of the cove.

This man of her dreams
she happily discovered,
was all she had longed for –
her best friend and her lover.

Their bond grew deeper
as time (too quickly) passed.
They had needed each other –
a soul mate, at last.

As long as was possible
he stayed by her side,
treading the waters
of low and high tide.

Yet with worlds so different
that neither could cross,
he had to leave her,
in spite of their loss.

He returned to his world
of dirt, grass and trees,
and she remained alone,
alone in the sea.

P. Wanken

Written for Poetic Bloomings “Life is a Beach” – Day 31: Aloha! (Goodbye).
*This was supposed to follow the form “Pantoum” — but this is the poem that emerged instead. I’ll have to try the Pantoum another time.




Driftwood (Photo credit: NoJuan)


Driftwood triggers thoughts and feelings I can’t quite explain. Like a foggy dream that won’t come into focus; pieces of a puzzle I cannot connect. Memories of dad drift in and out of my mind – of us walking the shore…searching. He would toss chunk after chunk of wood back to the ground. Not quite right. Was I too young to ask the question? Or, to understand the answer?

drifting along
exposed to the elements
shapes who we are

P. Wanken


Written for Poetic Bloomings “Life is a Beach” – Day 28: Driftwood.




The gentle lapping of waves
against the small boat
calms me; lulls me.

With eyes closed I can see
the small family of three,
with their dog alongside.

Their voices, like music,
as they gather their things
after a full day at the beach.

Playing. Chasing.

I feel myself smiling
as I watch the scene unfold.
Opening my eyes,

the smile fades
as I stare blankly
into my empty horizon.

P. Wanken

Beach at Night

(Photo credit: squeaks2569)


Written for Poetic Bloomings “Life is a Beach” – Day 27: Horizons.