Bonnie’s Heart



Dirt road dreams
of faraway places
happy days,
and cuddling
polar bear faces.

Blue sky wishes
of walking on the moon,
flying off to Paris,
and writing
poetry to make hearts swoon.

Green grass reality
isn’t quite that life;
raising four kids,
hating celery,
but I love being Tommy’s wife.

P. Wanken

Written for Poetic Bloomings #111: Puzzle Pieces

1. Your mother’s first name.
2. A wild animal.
3. A city you’ve never visited, but would like to.
4. A hobby.
5. A mode of transportation.
6. Your least favorite vegetable.
7. A “lucky” number.
8. Your favorite color.
9. Three random words.
10. Historical event.
11. A childhood friend.
12. The street on which you grew up.

You can write in any form, meter and rhyme scheme.

Your title will be the answer to #1 + the second random word in #9.

My words: Bonnie, polar bear, Paris, writing poetry, flying, celery, four, blue, (dreams, heart, happy), walking on the moon, Tommy, dirt road



    1. Thank you, Sara. When I first read the prompt I wasn’t sure how it would all fit together. But…once I made my list of words, it kind of all fell together. 🙂


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