Tomatoes and Tornadoes


When our small plane took flight,
it was mid-afternoon,
but the sky looked like night.

Not long into the trip
we realized the danger,
the plane rolled and dipped,

setting off warning lights and bells.
Our pilot fought for control,
and our stomachs rose and fell.

My sister got sick
losing her lunch. I hadn’t eaten,
because I couldn’t pick

out all the chunky tomatoes.
It’s a good thing, because
they don’t go well with tornadoes.

P. Wanken


Written for Poetic Bloomings #109: Get it Together. Posted for day 85 in 100 Days of Spring – 2013.


  1. Paula, this is so topical I’m wondering if you really were in a small plane the other week? The concept of tomatoes not going with tornadoes made me laugh out loud, despite the frightening context. A good write.


    1. Yes, ViV, this actually did happen to me — but not the other week. I was 7 at the time (and a much pickier eater–lasagna with chunks of tomatoes in it? No thank you!). 😉


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