Olivia And The Storm


On a dark and stormy night
in our cottage by the sea,
the winds overtook us
forcing us to flee.

It was hard to say goodbye
to the house we called home,
as we watched it disappear
in the churning sea foam.

Determined to resettle
on the land that was our own,
we mustered up the strength
and built a house of stone.

P. Wanken

Written for We Write Poems #156: A Dark and Stormy Night (Part 3 in Who is your Protaganist?)  For PART ONE, See “Olivia And The Ordinary.” Posted for day 75 in 100 Days of Spring – 2013.


    1. Thanks, Mosk! I’m following a series of prompts at We Write Poems…we’ll see if Olivia continues to show us her life in the cottage by the sea. Glad you enjoyed reading about her perseverance. ❤


  1. What ever does not destroy us makes us stronger. Not only that stone house, but Olivia and her family, too. I like Olivia, her story, and her world. Look forward to reading more.



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