The Simple Life



It seemed so simple then,
the days of early youth.
Nothing more to worry about than
making sure my toys were put away.
Of course there were endless
chores on the farm, but it was a part of life.

Life changed, though,
when our family fractured.
While I was really still a kid, the simple
became much more complex.
Responsibilities shifted, my age
became greater than my years;

independence became my life ring and
self-sufficiency, my anchor. Later,
anonymity of city-life, my sustenance;
the business of busyness, my companion.
Decades of responsibility brought
another shift, to a different kind of focus.

It’s simple: life doesn’t have to be
as complicated as I’ve made it.
The stuff that surrounds me is not
what is important—the people are; and
making time to play and doing your chores
is as complex as it needs to be.

P. Wanken


Written for Poetic Asides April Poem-A-Day Challenge #22: Complex and for Poetic Bloomings Prompt #104: Time Flies When You’re Having Fun. Posted for day 51 in 100 Days of Spring – 2013.


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