Lovers Express


* I wrote Express Delivery earlier today, for the same prompt, but kept coming back to The Five Love Languages concept. So here’s my second offering for today.



To be held
skin to skin.
Arm around
waist. Walking hand-in-hand. Touch…
the language of love.

Date night set,
activity is
not really
One-on-one; together. Time…
the language of love.

A bouquet
for birthdays; jewels
to adorn.
Big or small;
for no reason at all. Gifts…
the language of love.

Dishes washed,
the car is cleaned out,
or trash burned.
task, done for the other. Acts…
the language of love.

I love you.
You are important.
You mean the
world to me.
I feel so loved by you. Words…
the language of love.

What language
do you speak? And…what
language do
you need to
have spoken to you, to know
you are truly loved?

P. Wanken

*Based on Dr. Gary Chapman’s book: The Five Love Languages


Written for Poetic Asides April Poem-A-Day Challenge #17: Express. Posted for day 46 in 100 Days of Spring – 2013.


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