Setting My Sights On Seeing


~ July 29, 1981 ~

From a small Iowa farmhouse
I watched, with the entire world,
as princess pageantry

played out on my TV screen.
The walls of that living room
seemed to be non-existent

as borders and oceans
were removed, and I traveled
to England…for the first time.

P. Wanken

Written for Poetic Bloomings Prompt #80 (Memoir Project – Part #15): The Big Event



  1. I loved Princess Di! What an amazing wedding that was. So incredibly sad, how short her life was and how it ended. Sigh. Great poem, Paula!


    1. Thank you, Sara. I remember sitting there that day thinking about how far away the event was that I was watching, and what it must be like to be there. It was only a couple years after Princess Di’s death that I went to London and was able to picture in my mind not only the wedding…but the crowds of people (and flowers) that amassed outside the gate of Buckingham Palace. Incredible. (And yes…hers was definitely a life cut too short.)


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