To Not Be Silent



I’ve trained my ear
to hear the faint call
of the Master.
He calls
to the deep places
inside of me,
and stretching me
beyond myself.

To die to self
means change.
Not all are called
to march in the streets,
or to serve in foreign lands.
Some are called
to use their words
to create;
to not be silent.

P. Wanken


Inspired by The Sunday Whirl #100: master, street, change, share, train, die, calls, stretch, march, words, places, create, and faint. Posted for day 15 in 100 Days of Spring – 2013.



    1. Thank you, Brenda. Hard to believe I hadn’t written any poetry whatsoever before December 2010…and now I’ve written 100 weeks in a row of wordle poems! 🙂 Thanks for your inspiration!


  1. A wonderful interpretation of the words to reflect a spiritual world, a prayer, an invocation.

    I too am moved to look within, and leave the grandiose to others, the streets to those who know the streets, and foreign lands to those who wish to travel.

    I am content to look within at that which, pressed inside of me, after meditation, yearns to be expressed in words… loved it. Terse and true for me. Randy


  2. To hear that voice guiding us and then respond brings great rewards, which is exemplified through your poetry, Paula.


  3. I’ve trained my ear
    to hear the faint call
    of the Master.

    Lol, I read that and I thought of the Master from Doctor Who 🙂

    and a good poem too.


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