Senior scholarship
a time to recognize
the best among us.
The stars, the brilliant.
The names we always hear.

Star athlete, I was not.
Instead, I was on the sidelines
helping the coach,
or taking chewing gum
from the players
before they took the court.

Popular, I was not.
Sure, I got along
with almost everyone.
But you would
not have found me
among the “in” crowd.

Valedictorian, I was not.
Though I did my part,
and was smart
enough to hold my own,
I always fell short
of the top spot.

I attended the ceremony
to cheer on my classmates.
To congratulate the elite
as we waited the finale,
the “all around” award
for outstanding citizenship:

“a student exhibiting
outstanding qualities
of American citizenship;
active in student and community
activities; a reliable
and upstanding individual.”

And the winner is…me!?

P. Wanken

Written for Poetic Bloomings Prompt #67 (Memoir Prompt #2): Look What I Did!


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