Super Stitches



I’d watch and wonder.

He would mutter
under his breath
and reach for the nearest
surface and rap his knuckles

the knuckles of the hand
that was wrapped
a little white furry foot;

she would sigh, roll her eyes
and yell
(not words, really,
more like a growl).

I asked Grammy once
(I think I was five)
she said it wasn’t right
that Pops had super stitches.

I didn’t know
what that meant…
I just crossed my fingers
and hoped they would stop yelling.

P. Wanken


Inspired by Poetic Asides #213: “Knock On Wood”



  1. Paula, what a wonderful story–not the yelling, of course–but I love how kids make up phrases when they don’t know what was said. We had a friend named Yolanda and when I told my young son that, he said “How come she’s not “Mylanda” and only “Your-landa?” 🙂 Super Stiches, I’m going to have fun with that–I knock on wood all the time 😉


    1. Sorry, ViV —
      The prompt over at PA was to write about “knocking on wood” — a superstition that folks do to “ensure something does (or does not) happen”. This story is purely made up…about a child watching grandparents arguing about being superstitious (the child hears the word as “super stitches”)…as, ironically, the child is “crossing fingers” (another form of superstition).

      Oh…and the little white furry foot…a rabbit’s foot. Another “good luck” charm.


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