Silent Chimes


Evening on the coast

(Photo credit: obscure allusion)


She stands
where vast darkness
skirts the curved edge
of reality

mist fills her eyes,
scattered thoughts
mirror shattered nerves
and raw, tattered heart

the last straw
has tipped the scale,
her balance
is lost.

P. Wanken


Inspired by The Sunday Whirl #93: chimes, scattered, mirror, skirted, raw, mist, straw, scale, vast, curved, edge, tattered; and posted for Day #86 for the “100 Days of Fall/Winter 2012” challenge.


  1. This is GREAT. I really like the first and last stanzas. Even though we went about it differently, I feel that you and I used the words to present a similar situation. A few of our images and word combinations were very similar — something I always find cool when it happens.


    1. Yes, I do like to see the way the words bring us to vastly different places…and yet, sometimes to very similar places. One of the joys of doing The Whirl each week. 🙂


    1. Thanks, Sara. I had a different image in mind when I went looking…but was satisfied with what I found. As always…thanks for the encouragement. 🙂


    1. Thanks for that comment re: the title. When I wrote the poem and had “chimes” leftover, I wondered what to do with it…and considered not using it at all. Then I came up with what I hoped would describe just as you said: emptiness. Thank you, as always, for your feedback.



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