Awaiting Spring


fisherman by lake

Photo Credit: Keith R. Good (see Photos by Keith Good on Facebook)



Faith, frozen.
Hope lies dormant.
Love, unseen.
One day at a time,
awaiting the promise
of Spring.

P. Wanken




Inspired by Poetic Bloomings #90: Ekphrastic Poetry 2013 – Photo Prompt #1; and posted for Day #71 for the “100 Days of Fall/Winter 2012” challenge.



  1. We had a January thaw this weekend here in VT, the dirt roads turning into mudpits, vehicles up to their axles in the stuff. It won’t last; February’s a-coming, sub zeros will return and those pick-ups’ll driving out onto the lake for the big fishing derby. Oy. Spring: ’tis a proposition devoutly to be wished.


    1. Yes…those January thaw teasers! May warmth find you sooner than later, my friend. (Or…you could just go read your own T&A poem for a warm-up! ;))


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