Fatal Dare



Her rare allure,
behind the veil,
source of his infatuation.

No ordinary woman,
she had the ability
to consume his every thought.

In darkness, she was consumed.

P. Wanken


Inspired by Poetic Bloomings #89: “Friends With Words” (explained below); and posted for Day #66 for the “100 Days of Fall/Winter 2012” challenge.

Process Note:  Walt and Marie provided a list of ten words to be used in crafting a poem. However, rather than using the ten words as given, we were to use our thesaurus to find alternative words. Here is the list, along with the synonyms I used.

challenge –> dare
common –> ordinary
mask –> veil
skill  –> ability
origin –> source
love –> infatuation
night  –> darkness
drink –> consume
beauty –> allure
death –> fatality



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