Six Word Saturday…11/17/12

Yippee!! My mom is coming today!!


(And…Happy Thanksgiving next week, y’all!)


Written for “Six Word Saturday”…click here to go to Cate’s blog to read how others describe their life in six words; also posted as Day #14 for the “100 Days of Fall/Winter 2012” challenge.


    1. Personally, ViV, I think it’s better than Christmas. Family and friends gather for the purpose of spending time together — no focus on presents. After college ended for me, it became my favorite holiday.


  1. That is exciting! I wish my mom..or my mom-in-law were still alive so that we could have a nice visit! Treasure every moment and have a lovely time together!



    1. Yes, having lost my dad and my stepdad in the last 2 years, “time” is viewed as a gift. Thanks for stopping by and for your thoughts/well-wishes. ❤


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