My wish, deep within,
has not been to be just me…
but one half of we.

I watch other women
and men, bound
in marriage

and think and wonder
if I’m damaged
in some way.

I have and hold
on to a single
powerful thread of


P. Wanken


Inspired by The Sunday Whirl’s Prompt #80: women, men, power, wish, damaged, way, think, single, thread, bound, within, and we.


  1. This piece is full of honest yearning. I hope you meet him, Paula. Len and I met on Match.com, and have been married for 8 years. However, yearning does feed your muse. Milk it; your words are strong. 😉


    1. I’m glad for that comment…I kept going back and forth on how to leave that last word…as a part of the last line, or as the last line by itself. I’m glad it had its impact. As always, I appreciate your feedback.


  2. aww, I’m certain you are just perfect the way you are! I know the feeling well, and I have to sometimes remind myself that I am just fine on my own, too. ♥


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