Ripples and Reflections


photo credit: Chris Goan

(a shadorma)

Life events
come at us from all
Sometimes I
feel as though I am drowning.
May I respond well.

P. Wanken


Inspired by an image (above) as posted at margo roby’s Wordgathering Tuesday Tryouts prompt. Posted for Day 82 at “100 Days of Summer” — click here to go to their Facebook page.


    1. Thank you, ViV. I’m not entirely satisfied with this one for the word choices, but I was feeling stuck. I might come back to revisit/rethink/revise. I do like the idea of our lives being mirrors (as portrayed in the image)…yet we have a choice in how we respond to that which comes at us. And our responses should be positive ripples and reflections.


  1. Very “well” done 🙂 Hope that the drowning feeling passes soon. Splashes, and currents, all kinds of ways to go with this. As always enjoyed your shadorma talent!


    1. Thank you, Sara. It’s been a crazy busy month…so yes, the feeling of drowning will hopefully pass soon. And yes — there were all kinds of ways to go with this and the play on words. See my reply to ViV…this might be a candidate for revision (something I rarely do…I just write and move on).

      As always…thanks for your encouragement!! ❤


  2. I agree with ViV. I’m thinking that’s your theme for a chapbook: the poems are all shadormas. While I think you are good with all, you have a special affinity for this particular form. This one reads like a haiku, with its turn and the last line coming from a new direction, yet related.


    1. Yes, I’ve been thinking about making a collection of shadormas. 🙂 If nothing else, just put in my own book on CreateSpace, as a way to capture them in print vs online only.

      Thanks for your feedback, margo. ❤


    1. There were so many words I could have “played” with for this one…just might have to consider using “waves” in a revision…thanks for the feedback, my friend. ❤


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