When Are You Due?


I’ve always heard it said that expectant mothers begin “nesting” just before they deliver. Every year about this time, I wonder if the same can’t be said about my husband. You wouldn’t believe the flurry of activity that has begun, even before the heaviest flurries of snow head our way.

Mr. C has already starting his annual primping and preening. While his helpers are well under way with ensuring the goods will be ready for delivery, that jolly ol’ husband of mine is more concerned about his appearance. I don’t always know why, because on that most important day, he works so hard NOT to be seen.

Nevertheless, I have it on good authority (Mr. C isn’t the only one with eyes and ears everywhere) that he’s been making additional stops at Rudy’s Round Delights for afternoon sweet-tooth-fixes, and logging some extra time at The Vixen Spa for special attention to that ever-growing beard of his.

His own (sexy, in my opinion) physique is not the only order of business. The Dasher Haberdashery is also on pins and needles in anticipation of their attention to Mr. C’s finery. It wouldn’t suit his reputation to have less-than-white trim or to bust a seam when reaching for the reins.

Oh, and speaking of reins, each and every detail of that ride of his is being inspected, too. Each sleigh bell is being polished and tuned. Harnesses are being checked and rechecked.

Yes, I do believe my husband is nesting, in anticipation of his delivery date.


Inspired by Flashy Fiction prompt: Ho Ho Ho Also posted for Day 76 at “100 Days of Summer” — click here to go to their Facebook page.


    1. Thanks, McGuffy! I don’t write as much “flash fiction” as I do poetry…but every so often one of the prompts over at Flashy Fiction catches my eye and the words jump onto the screen. 🙂 Glad you liked it.


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