Autumn Chill


painting by P. Wanken; 9/12


(a piku)

hanging on
Autumn’s last days

P. Wanken


Inspired by dVerse Poets Pub prompt: “Autumn Chill”. Also posted for Day 65 at “100 Days of Summer” — click here to go to their Facebook page.


    1. Hi Laurie…though I did indeed paint this, I’m not really a painter. Have you ever heard of “Painting With A Twist” classes? Check them out online, it’s a franchise. There are a couple places in San Antonio to do this. I’d like to try my hand at it more often…to be able to know instinctively what to do where to get the desired effect. But these classes are really a step up from paint-by-number! 😉


    1. Yes, and in South Texas we really do not have “autumn” like I have known/liked while growing up. It is still mid-90s here. But…it was the painting that I did last night, and the prompt I read was for “autumn”–so, I wrote. 😉


    1. Yes — the tree in the painting must certainly be experiencing the first snow of an early season…otherwise the leaves would be buried beneath the snow!


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