turn the quiet up
you will hear
than you can imagine
in His echoes

P. Wanken

Written in response to Musical Notes Prompt #4 – which was a “Free For All” (I could use the song given as my inspiration or I could choose one on my own, but stayed within the 15-word limit). I decided to use the opening lines of Eric Church’s song “Smoke A Little Smoke” (…turn the quiet up, turn the noise down…”). To listen to the song, follow this link: Also posted for Day 57 at “100 Days of Summer” on Facebook.



    1. Normally, yes…I’d probably have worded it that way, too…however, I left the line in tact from the song.

      Thanks for the feedback, though, ViV! *hugs*


  1. Listened to the song and really like his voice. Wonderful spin you put on that opening line. There is always so much to be gained in taking the time to listen for that still small voice. Another gentle meditation well done,



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