Face The Music


(a piku)

In the end,
will consume me?

P. Wanken


This poem is inspired by Musical Notes #3 prompt from Elizabeth. The YouTube link was for Jennifer Warnes & Leonard Cohen: “Joan of Arc.” http://youtu.be/gtwUyDPXROQ  The instruction is to use the song as inspiration to write whatever we want…as long as our response is 15 words or less.

Also posted as Day 50 at “100 Days of Summer” (on Facebook), in response to one of the week’s themes: “Face The Music.”

In another moment of serendipity, the prompt posted today at dVerse Poets Pub was to write a “character” poem. While this poem doesn’t fit their prompt instructions entirely, I’ve definitely written in response to a character. Please go read their prompt and check out some of the other poems!


    1. Elizabeth: the “face the music” prompt came with the following definition: to accept the consequences of one’s actions. That phrase (“face the music”) and this song you chose as a prompt (which I had not heard before) have “haunted” me the past couple days. Joan of Arc definitely had passion. And she definitely had to “face the music” as she stood at the stake…and was consumed. So…after pondering two days on those thoughts, this little Piku was the result.

      I am SOO loving this new prompt page you have, Elizabeth. Thank you!

      ~ Paula


    1. Thank you, Angie.

      ViV gives a definition below of “Pi” — it’s the mathematical term meaning 3.14. So…a “Piku” follows the same numbers for it’s syllabication: 3/1/4 (or, as ViV has pointed out, the real number for Pi goes on beyond the 4). I’m not sure there are any set rules on title or topic like with haiku, but I always use a title and usually identify the form in parentheses below the title). I’m prone to short forms… 🙂


  1. Piku= Pi = 3,1,4 syllables, Or it can be as I learned Pi, 3,1,4, 2 ! Excellent piku. I could think of nothing at all for this prompt/song. Maybe in the morning.


    1. Yes, I’ve done the extended version of Pi, as well. 🙂

      Thanks, as always, for your encouragement. I loved the song–I’ll check back to see if you post for it.



  2. wow probably the shortest of the night…smiles…but still says much…we are all consumed with something in the end…what will it be?


    1. hehe 😀 I do enjoy the short form.

      That song of Joan of Arc (the inspiration from the “Musical Notes” prompt) was just that — an inspiration. Her story made me really think this week about this very question — what will it be, in the end?


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