Melancholy Memories


(a shadorma)

and comfortable
a friendship
for a short
season that passed too quickly,
yet not forgotten

P. Wanken


Posted for Day 48 at “100 Days of Summer” on Facebook, and Open Link Night at dVerse Poets Pub.



  1. Very sad. I have had a friendship like that. Thought it would go on and on. It didn’t. Truly hard to know why. So much said in so few words. I empathize.


  2. Would have liked to have seen some small, telling detail of this friendship, rather than just been told about it. What have you lost? What are you mourning? Someone who carried your books to school for a semester before moving far away when you were a child? Someone who brought you coffee the way you like it and your favorite donut at work every day until they got laid off, or got to be a rich, famous singer, or what? This one could be more evocative, I think. Sorry!


    1. This one wasn’t meant to be “specific” — I believe more people relate when there aren’t specific details. Sorry you didn’t see beauty here, “Beautyseer”. But…that’s ok. Not everyone likes every poem out there.


  3. some say that people come into our lives for a specific purpose which may take a lifetime or even just a matter of minutes ~ never lost so long as we remember. {smile}


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