A New Song



My hand is empty
the music, gone;
the ache of loneliness
has become my song.

P. Wanken


This poem is inspired by Music Notes #2 prompt from Elizabeth. The YouTube link was for Mama Cass Elliot’s song “Make Your Own Kind of Music.” The instruction is to use the song as inspiration to write whatever we want…as long as our response is 15 words or less. I believe I’ll be studying up on some of the short poetic forms out there. This form is the naani.

Also posted as Day 43 at “100 Days of Summer” (on Facebook). 



  1. You have captured the sadness and pain of being lonely with just a few well-chosen words.

    And thanks for sharing the naani form. I will be trying it soon!


    1. Thank you, Elizabeth. As I believe I’ve already mentioned…I’m already loving this prompt method. I listen to songs so differently than I did before I started writing. Thank you for starting your “Music Notes” prompts!

      As for this particular poem…thank you. I believe our hearts are connected through some of the serendipitous similarities in life. I appreciate your kind words.

      *hugs* to you, my friend!


  2. Paula, you really rock these short forms–I tried the naani, could not stick with the parameters. Sheesh. You did a beautiful job here–hope that soon there’s one to write with a song of joy–hugs


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