Expired Dreams

(a shadorma)

stuffed-bear dreams
wrapped in bargain threads
change with age;
now bottled
 ~ drawn upon uneasily ~
they crumble away

P. Wanken


Inspired by two prompts. Three Word Wednesday (8/8/12): crumble, uneasy, drawn; and Poetic Asides Prompt #187: change, wrap, bottle, bargain, bear.  Also posted for Day 35 at “100 Days of Summer.”


    1. Thanks, Sara! 🙂 Glad you liked it. Combining the word lists from the two prompts made a “mini-wordle” — I shuffled the words around until I could fit them into a shadorma. I wonder if I could do “100 Days of Shadorma”!? LOL


    1. Yes, Robin…many remember the days of either telling their dreams to Ted E. Bear…or, as you’ve said, fallen asleep to dream, with him tucked under their arm

      I appreciate your visit and feedback!


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