(a shadorma)

On the dot;
the right place, right time;
timing is
Is it all coincidence?
Or the hand of God?

P. Wanken


A prompt at dVerse Poets Pub asked us to write a poem using a word from another language. I used one of the example words yesterday (gumusservi). Today I looked up a word I’ve used before to learn of its origin. And, though the prompt is closed over at dVerse Poets Pub, it is still my inspiration for this poem, using the word “kismet.” However, I’ve posted to dVerse Poets Pub Open Link Night #55. Go there, too, to read some more fine poetry!

I was also inspired by one of the themes offered at “100 Days of Summer” this week: “on the dot.” This is Day 26.



  1. A question I ask a lot, to myself.. Hope one day, to get that answer.. Beautiful poem.. Agree with Viv.. not a word out of place for sure! 🙂



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