Mood Swings


pale gray links
in the chain of the melancholy
stray movements
to and fro

tall flowing grasses
spray of flowers
tickle the feet
rosy colored flight

lavish gold
covered in powders
the flings
of the erotic

P. Wanken

Inspired by The Sunday Whirl’s Prompt #66: swing, rosy, erotic, cover, powders, stray, pale, melancholy, fling, gold, grasses, and spray. Also posted for Day 19 at “100 Days of Summer” — click here to go to their Facebook page; and for Open Link Night Week #54 at dVerse Poets Pub.


  1. I loved to swing on wooden seats tied to massive tree limbs, ground worn below, so this tickles me as the grass tickles my feet whether I twist to twirl back in slow and “stray movements’ or pump to the horizon over seas of golden rod and grasses, bachelor buttons, Queen Ann’s Lace, black-eyed Susan’s and daisies. More than once I stamped out there alone, more than once I felt–though I did not know it then–the call of the erotic. Thanks for the memories (even if you were taking this elsewhere).


  2. I’m an expert on mood swings, hee hee (BiPo humor). This really caught me by the heel, Paula, and held on. I’ve had days that started drinking coffee in the Back 40 amid wildflowers, went to overproduction like some brainiac – then, heeding the relentless call of Eros, out to a bar to stir up something. Maybe trouble, maybe bliss, but I never knew their names. Needless to say, I’m in a different place now!! Thx for the trip down Foggy Memory Lane! Peace, Amy


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