Betrayed By A Dream



There are no flowers and hearts
or satin, lace and happily-ever-afters.
I walk through life alone,
betrayed by a dream.

P. Wanken


Written in response to Poetic Bloomings Prompt #65: Betrayed!
And posted as Day 18 to “100 Days of Summer” on Facebook.



  1. Ooops! Posted this on PB, but I should have put it here: This was an excellent “take” on the PB prompt and it looks like a perfect piece to submit to “4 and 20″, Paula!


    1. Thanks, Pamela! I appreciate your leaving the response here as well as at PB. ❤

      Thank you for your encouragement…I've submitted only a couple things–a LONG time ago, before I realized how far I still had to go in my writing–and haven't spent much time thinking of doing any more submissions. But thank you, I'll consider checking into "4 and 20."


    1. Thank you for the hug, my friend! And for your encouragement re: submission, as well. As I mentioned to PSC, I’ve not done much in the way of submitting any of my work — and those I did, I never heard back. I am not sure I’m ready for that! :-\


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