Nothing Lasts Forever



butterfly kisses
raindrops on lashes
oreos and milk

kite-flying in meadows
evenings by the fire and
nighttime cuddles

hand-in-hand walks
embrace of a loved one and
a kiss beneath the shade tree

rainbows on stormy days
the feeling of love, and
sheets all in a tangle

…nothing lasts forever…

P. Wanken

(*the title is taken from the closing line of an untitled poem by Jackson)

Inspired by Poetic Bloomings Prompt #64: “Hey…That’s My Line, Two!” (to use a line from another poem/poet at Poetic Bloomings as the title of a new poem of my own); the Three Word Wednesday Prompt (7/18):  feel, shade, tangle; and Margo Roby’s Tuesday Tryouts, to write an acrostic poem. Also posted as day 15 at 100 Days of Summer.


  1. I was about to say exactly the same as OldEgg..i was reading along and humming ‘my favourite things’ i am sure you intended..painful perhaps but beautifully written..jae


    1. Thank you so much, Jae. Yes, “my favorite things” played along in my head as I wrote. And yes regarding painful…but the good thing in it all is that NOTHING lasts forever…even the subject of the acrostic, itself: broken hearts. This too shall pass.


    1. Yes indeed…memories linger. And as I mentioned in my reply to Jae, above, the other good thing is that NOTHING lasts forever…not even the subject of the acrostic, itself. Here’s hopin’.

      Thanks for your visit. 🙂


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