Deep Blue Sea and Me

photo from Bing Images


gravity at work
swells of blue
flick tiny droplets
of ocean’s spray

peaceful refrain

the vast sea
triggers humility
as I claim my tiny place
in this world

relishing wonders

plants are uprooted
sand dollars crack
starfish become brittle
chain of life

ebb and flow

P. Wanken

Inspired by The Sunday Whirl’s Prompt #65: flicks, swells, spray, brittle, gravity, plant, trigger, relishes, chain, crack, humility, refrain, and claim. Also posted for Day 11 at “100 Days of Summer” — click here to go to their Facebook page.


  1. Paula, just lovely. I’m far away from “my” ocean at the moment, so this was most welcomed. I love “the vast sea / triggers humility” – I feel that often at the ocean, and you use “trigger” so well there.



    1. Thank you, Richard. I feel that a lot…standing at the edge of an ocean…looking across a mountain range…or peering from the window of an airplane. I know I’d feel the same if I ever get to the Grand Canyon.



  2. Nicely done Paula. I’ve also thought about the ocean with these words. I love your minimalistic, gentle approach. 🙂


    1. Thanks, Mark…I appreciate the feedback. Sorry, though, that you didn’t get to go to the beach with the family…here’s hoping for something fabulous to come, to make up for it! 😎


  3. Wow and WOW!!! ‘the vast sea
    triggers humility
    as I claim my tiny place
    in this world’…well-stated in this gorgeous verse!


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