Short End Of The Stick

(a shadorma)

The kids lose.
Buffer them in the
Can’t be done…
everybody hurts sometimes.
Must unity fail?

P. Wanken

Inspired by several prompts:  Carry On Tuesday’s prompt to use a line which is repeated several times in REM’s biggest hit record: “Everybody hurts sometimes…”; 100 Days of Summer Prompt: “Short End of the Stick”; Poetic Bloomings Prompt #63: Uncertainty (to write about something you can’t grasp, or that you wish you knew more about); and finally, the Three Word Wednesday Prompt (7/4):  buffer, transition, unity.


    1. Ah, yes…there’s that (dis)”unity” too…I was thinking of how kids get the short end of the stick when marriages dissolve.

      Thanks for stopping by! (oh…and my mom has 11 brother & sisters…imagine your family doubled!!) 😀


  1. I thot of a pee-wee football or baseball game….and kids get over things faster than adults, I think…gotta feel the feeling to learn to deal..


    1. YAY for your parents, Sheilagh! Unfortunately…the unity within the parents is not always that way…this piece is more reflective of the vast number of broken homes and how kids lose out because of it.

      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


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