Among The Ordinary


a Fall day like many others,
new school year underway;
children at the table adding,
subtracting, reading, writing

she was not unusual
among housewives, spurning
the accumulated months
of clutter in closets and drawers

stretching up on the balls of feet,
reaching this way and that,
ignorant of the message
in the sting of sore muscles

beneath the rind of stubborn flesh,
unseen growth toward eternity

P. Wanken

Inspired by The Sunday Whirl wordle #64: ignorant, spurn, eternity, drawers, balls, year, rind, sting, months, housewives, subtracting, and fall.


  1. Paula, just wonderful. The first three stanzas – so “ordinary” and yet so well-written. And then that last stanza – a perfect ending.



    1. Hey, Richard! Thanks. After I’d written the piece it too, me several attempts at a title — on that wouldn’t give away the twist. Took a while to decide on how ordinary it all was! Thanks for your feedback.


  2. I wonder how many don’t have clutter in closets and drawers. The ending is ominous (and a twist); then again, many endings are.


    1. Thanks for your visit, Mary. Clutter is common place — unfortunately, so is that which lies beneath the surface. Undetected. Thanks again for stopping by!


    1. Thank you, Brenda. I’ve just gotten home and will hope to read some of the other wordles before bedtime. I’ll be interested to read which direction these words too everyone! Thanks for stopping by!


    1. I know two “someones” — one who listened to what her body was telling her, and is a survivor. And one who did not, whose eternity began way too soon. Thanks for your visit & encouragement! ❤


  3. You capture the ordinary day… exactly in the way it would feel after you have heard or discovered that our mortality or someones we love, is close.. Over and over again your mind goes through the ordinary day, as though trying to change the ending. That is how this piece feels to me.


  4. Ok I read the last line as another way too. I was thinking adding points for going to heaven or going spiritually without the knowing.


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