Six Word Saturday…7/7/12

Summers are so long in Texas.


I’ve taken on a “100 Days of Summer” challenge…and, while it only just started (it’s day 3) many of the participants will be well into enjoying the cooler weather of autumn when the daily writing/art/photography/etc. challenge ends.ย  For South Texas, it’s fitting that I’ll still be in a “summer” challenge in October.

Written for “Six Word Saturday”…click here to go to Cate’s blog to read other posts. And for more information on the “100 Days of Summer” challenge, click here to go to the group’s home page on Facebook.



  1. After a muggy morning, it decided to storm here in my little town in Germany. Heavy rain and hail. This happened last month and all the petals were forced off my flowers. They had finally made a come back and now this…puddles of petals again. sigh.


  2. Yep. July here is like mid 80’s. Then it’s August again, our 1-month prep for our 9-month winter, which lasts til Mud Season in May. I feel for you, PW.


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