Two-Way Street

(a shadorma)

things have changed
our words have dwindled
we merely
I listen to the silence…
as you do also

P. Wanken

Inspired by Carry On Tuesday prompt #162: to use the title and ending of a poem by David Whalen:  I listen to the silence …. as you do also


    1. Thanks for stopping by…and for your comment. The image of two people with their backs together, arms folded, came to mind when I read the prompt.


    1. Thank you, Ron.
      Keep up those lovely blog posts about special days and there’s no fear of living this sad tale. 😉

      I appreciate your encouragement.


  1. Ouch! So many relationships like this, it seems. I see these people in restaurants, sitting at the same table and having nothing to say to one another. I am sure they both are thinking: “Is this all there is?” Well done.


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