A Latched Heart


where blood, sweat and tears blend,
chest is empty;
seeping through cracks
anger runs like a current;
chilled as though caught in a draft.

racket of empty words
same song, new refrain;
spared not the pain,
seared, as a lightning strike;
no such thing as no strings attached.

temper flares —
only a trace of life remains

P. Wanken

Inspired by The Sunday Whirl prompt #61: blend, latch, chest, current, draft, string, crack, spare, temper, refrain, racket, trace and strike.



  1. racket of empty words
    same song, new refrain;
    spared not the pain

    … I really like that part, but the whole poem is wonderful, Paula.


    1. Elizabeth –
      I did feel a bit like my phrases ended up being short and to the point…a bit like marching, I suppose. Thanks for your visit!
      ~ Paula


  2. Wow, “racket of empty words” really gets me. It is a racket, isn’t it? Could work for politicians or anyone who talks but doesn’t really say anything. I like image of anger “chilled” – and then the “temper flares” at the end. Sometimes anger is the right response to pain.



    1. Thank you, Richard. Your feedback is always appreciated — and helpful. I’m glad you commented on the contrast of chill and flares…as well as “racket of empty words.” In spite of the wordle being jumbled thoughts in my head, they came out saying just what I wanted them to. 🙂


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