Daily Challenge

balloons (borrowed from Bing.com images)


one thing
weighing on you
in an imaginary bag

it will float away
moving up and away
leaving you


stress and worry
move away
from your thoughts

you feel freer to
move and think
during the day

P. Wanken

This is a piece of “Found Poetry” as inspired by an online “daily challenge” site (meyouhealth.com).


    1. Thank you, Len!

      It was a “found” poem. That means I grabbed the words from somewhere else (not intended to be a poem) and structured it / modified it to make it such. This came from a daily challenge site focusing on our well-being. I took a couple paragraphs and removed extraneous sentences and…voila! A poem! 🙂

      And…in my following through on the exercise, I pictured the “imaginary baggage” to be at the end of those balloon strings.

      As always…thank you for stopping by and commenting. ❤


    1. Thanks, Sara. It was really my first “found poem” attempt.

      Since writing poetry, I sure have looked at words in a new light. I see poetry everywhere. 🙂


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