Sky Light


radiance hidden
I cling to my faith
that the shroud
of clouds will

light taken
away will return
as the murmurs
in my heart

P. Wanken

Inspired by Three Word Wednesday prompt (cling, murmur, taken) and by looking at the sky.


  1. Even though the narrator’s perspective is from a location on Earth (I presume) I cannot help but get cosmic imagery when reading this poem – thinking of how the sun keeps burning beyond the shrouds around our planet.


    1. Yes, you’re correct that the speaker’s POV is from Earth…but I appreciate your feedback on the “cosmic imagery” that came to your mind.



  2. Love your cheery new yellow look!!! Your words are inspired and not just of the prompted ones either, Paula. We’re writing in the same vein of faith today, my friend. Hugs to you!


    1. Thanks (re: yellow) — I changed it last month. I liked the solitude of the previous picture, but this one is much cheerier.

      Hugs backatcha!



    1. Yes, the clouds eventually gave way to 100-degree-inducing sunshine. That’s the typical pattern for Gulf air being pushed up in the evening, increasing humidity to around 90% overnight, mornings that are quite cloud-covered, and midday sun burning off all hopes of REAL moisture, and then scorching afternoons…repeat.

      Thanks for stopping by!



  3. Using the weather as a metaphor to explain and solve one’s problems is quite beautiful. It is as though no problem is too hard when night becomes day and cloudy days brighten eventually.


    1. Thank you, Jae! It’s good to be back — 3WW was one of my first “regulars” as I started the prompt circuit a year and a half ago.

      (…and sometimes we just need the promise of seeing the sun shine again…)

      Thanks again for stopping by…and the welcome back. ☼


  4. Like your sunrise/sunset poem, this is amazing in the layers of meaning. It works just as a look at the sky, but reflects that inner life too. Lovely. I also like what you did with “taken”.



    1. Thanks, Richard. I hadn’t considered it to be a sunrise/sunset poem, but after reading it again, it works that way too. As always, thank you for the feedback.

      ☼ Paula


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