Weeping Beneath The Willow

willow at night (borrowed from Bing Images)


abandoning the night’s guiding light
she takes tentative trembling steps
through the brush, over mud and stones,
to disappear into the shadows of the bluffs

beneath the willow, the moon’s corona
can no longer shine on tear-stained cheeks
or crawl across the broken vessels of her heart;
she feels nothing but her own nails digging into flesh

P. Wanken

Inspired by The Sunday Whirl Prompt #60 to use the following words: bluffs, willow, corona, brush, trembled, mud, crawl, vessels, nail, stain, shadows, and stones.


    1. Thank you, Elizabeth. ❤ I chose the word "willow" this week, via Brenda's request for input on The Whirl's facebook page. From the moment of choosing that word, on….I had an image of someone hiding beneath its branches. I just had to wait for the rest of the words to see how I could finish out the painting.



    1. Thank you, Mary. Having chosen the word “willow” for this week, that tree became firmly rooted 😉 as the basis of whatever I was going to write.


    1. Brenda,
      As I just replied to Mary, having chosen the word “willow” for you this week, I had a lot of time for that tree to take root 😉 in my mind…the rest of the words just had to branch out 😉 from there.


  1. So I see I have you to thank for the wonderful word -willow. Thank- you most deeply.

    You have captured the willow’s ability to allow sadness a place to go.


      1. Oh yes, the willow is my all time favorite tree.You allowed me to write something I have wanted to write for a long time. I am truly grateful.


  2. Paula, what an image you created! I love the words “beneath the willow, the moon’s corona can no longer shine on tear stained cheeks ” Great poem


    1. Thank you, De. I love the wordles…they make me use words I wouldn’t otherwise. Like “corona.” 🙂 I think I will gather my (now 60!) wordle poems into one “collection.” 🙂


  3. Paula, I like the play of light and dark, the “shadows of the bluffs” and being “beneath the willow” where the moon’s light cannot reach her. And then that strong, visceral ending!



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