Into A Split On The Horizon


her glow fades,
she crashes…crumpling
into the bruise
of darkness

crouching on the edge,
he waits his turn
to chisel a place
for himself

with each beat
–each passing tick
of the clock–
he draws her back

as her radiance
bursts forth,
piercing the darkness,
he disappears

into a split on the horizon

P. Wanken

Inspired by the words from The Sunday Whirl Prompt #59: split, bruise, crumple, draw, burst, pierce, crash, chisel, crouch, glow, edge, and beat.



  1. How very clever. Might be the first description of sunrise and sunset I have read, that is not cliche. I love it.


    1. Thank you, Richard! 🙂 I’m not exactly sure how my thoughts brought me to this topic for these wordle words…but it was one of those poems that, at the end, I smiled. (But maybe that was because I managed to figure out a way to use “bruise.”) 😉


    1. ah…enigmatic…I tried not to use the normal words one would associate with such a relationship…which, I believe, added the mystery.

      Thanks, Sharon!


    1. Thank you, Elizabeth! I love writing about the moon — and I had a lot of fun writing this one, without using some of the “same old” phrases about the sun/moon relationship. I appreciate your feedback. 🙂

      ~ Paula


  2. Gorgeous writing, Paula! I especially loved your first stanza: “her glow fades,
    she crashes…crumpling into the bruise of darkness.” Spectacular!


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