alone in her studio –
immaculate, austere,
as empty as she –
her emotions, brittle,
and her heart as flinty
as the slab of stone
beneath her hands,
she knows she’s been away
for too long

not knowing what waits
inside the stone cocoon,
through the night —
with chisel and mallet —
she chips and scrapes
the rough edges
like barnacles from a keel;
chalky dust
drifts to the floor

in morning’s first light,
that which was stone
has been transformed;
through a blur of tears
she sees what no tongue
can fully describe:
the burnished glow
of a new creation

P. Wanken

Inspired by the words from The Sunday Whirl Prompt #58: scrape, tongue, brittle, austere, barnacles, drenched, chalk, flinty, blur, burnished, cocoon, and rough.


    1. That’s how I feel about most of my wordle poems, for sure…the poem is just waiting to be released from its wrapping/cocoon. As always…thank you.



  1. Paula, wonderful. I love “not knowing what waits” – having that trust in the creative process – and what is discovered there. I also like how you used “drenched” – great touch – especially paired with the glow of the new creation.



    1. Thanks, Richard. “Drenched” was one of the first words I knew how it was going to be used. 🙂 Me and my visualization…I kept seeing the sun pouring in the windows of the studio. This one actually came to me in a dream.


  2. What a wonderful way to describe the art of sculpture. A ‘stone cocoon’. Michelangelo would have liked that and appreciated the description.


  3. A great sculpture of your own. Taking all those wordle words and chipping away everything that didn’t look like a poem, and voilà! Amazing piece, indeed.


    1. Thank you, Walt. It was one that I did chip away at for the better part of a day! Some fly onto the screen in a matter of moments…not this one. I appreciate your kind words.


  4. Paula this is gorgeous writing. Interesting that I put chisel in this week’s wordle before I read your poem! I guess you’ll be chiseling another great piece for us. 🙂


    1. Thank you, Brenda. 🙂 I appreciate your encouragement. And…I thought the same thing when I read the list of words. (Well…I thought, “oh my, now I *have* to use the word chisel.” 😉


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