taunted by demons…
hopes and dreams, elaborated, lost;
flags wave in surrender
for failure, to god and goddess

feeling indigenous to nowhere
never my intention,
long-held rituals have lost their meaning;
the sacred, abandoned

searching for significance
my heart and soul, tied together by string
seeking my own personal summit
I visit the place of peace

P. Wanken

Written for The Sunday Whirl prompt #56: indigenous, significance, goddess, sacred, demons, visit, rituals, summit, elaborated, intention, flags, and string.



    1. Brenda – a little secret: that list of words had me stymied. I was also a bit “off” in my mental acuity, dealing with a death in the family. So – I tried the same technique I used on the “dragon” list. I wrote a phrase for each of the words (in the order you provided them in your email), and then rearranged the phrases in alpha order (the wordle words). I tweaked the poem slightly afterwards, to help with flow. It was a fun experiment that worked with the “dragon” poem, so I wanted to see if it would work again. And…for the most part, it did. Thanks, as always, for your efforts to put out the prompts and make your rounds, visiting so many. ❤


  1. I was drawn into the turmoil at the beginning as your words felt so riveting. But I was so relieved to see the ending… oh sweet peace! It’s a great piece of work 🙂


  2. Nicely wordled. I look for peace in little moments – I stopped a few times when mowing my lawn this afternoon to try and see more clearly the nest in the willow that was just pointed out to me this morning by my son’s friend.
    Wishing you continued peace…
    My offering is here:

    I’m not ready for the new list! But I do enjoy playing. I also find peace while I get lost in playing with words. Cheers.


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