Dancing With The Stars


the sun’s last rays
grind into the horizon;
emerging dots wink,
a contrasting print against
the clear cobalt sky,
a chance alignment
as night’s sounds vibrate,
becoming the melody
on which we hook our hearts

P. Wanken

Written for two prompts: The Sunday Whirl Prompt #55 (to use these words: cobalt, align, hook, vibrate, print, grind, contrast, emerging, chance, clear, dot, wink) and Poetic Bloomings Prompt #54 (to write a poem using the title of a movie or television show as the title of our poem).



  1. Yep, dumbfounded. Watching for your work and in nine lines you leveled me. All I can say is WOW! If I’m not all washed up, I will be shortly, thanks to you. Good work PMW! Now, I’ll finish my rootbeer and finish watching the game from the Meadowland.


  2. Concise and amazing . Oh and a fun word play on the TV show. The use of the word “hook” was my bane this week. (there is always one word!) I am delighted to read there is a a perfect place for hook. This indeed was a bright spot in my evening” becoming the melody on which we hook our hearts”


    1. Thank you so much, Richard…”emerging dots wink” and the “clear cobalt sky” were the phrases that came to me immediately when I read the word list. Once I paired it with the PB prompt, the night music filled in the rest. 🙂


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