From Every Ending Comes A Beginning


memories unknown
tug at her words…and her heart…
at what had been hidden inside
your tin can; please…
so different than reality;
he didn’t make it
than this lonely, broken heart can spare
of our memories;
complete without it,
the reason
they stopped coming
I still know all of my letters

I welcome God’s words: For I know the plans I have for you
for falling in love,
my soulmate, my wife;
never: give up,
to be rushed…

I’m walking alone
…afraid someone will read between the lines and see my tears

You have moved…backwards,
and took a walk in the park
I miss you.
There’s just one YOU!

the Lord is my Shepherd
is the Giver of such gifts;
we reap the Spirit’s sweet fruit
their lives will create
once again;
His world fades to black
neither at midnight, nor noon
to give you life…
that I trust will shine on my world once more

it’s simple, really:
enjoy days of spring,
bask in His presence
seen in each spring bloom
and watered daily

to help you see it
I come back to write
of farm living…
the magic of another Christmas Eve
on which I sleep…
and favorite superhero underwear

and a writer was born

P. Wanken

NOTES:  Written for Poetic Bloomings Prompt #52: From Every Ending Comes a Beginning — choose the last line of a poem previously written and use that as the first line of a new poem.

Because this is the final prompt of the first full year of Poetic Bloomings prompts, I decided to create a Cento poem (my first time!) from the final line of each poem I wrote for week #’s 1-51.

(One line I did not choose to include was from a limerick, and just didn’t fit: “which left her with a very flat cake.”)

UPDATE:  Chosen by Walt & Marie for a “bloom” this week at Poetic Bloomings!



  1. Paula, love it! Brava! The themes do come through. And the ending is perfect. Knowing each line is the last line of another poem gives each one a real strength; you know there’s another layer of meaning there.



    1. Thank you for not letting me give up this one! I like what you said about knowing each line being the last line of another poem — thank you for that.

      🙂 Paula


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