~ 1 ~
she stands near the box
that holds her
newborn babe;
lifting lid to say goodbye,
she hears baby’s cry

~ 2 ~
best friends crash:
one dies, one survives;
don’t know they’re crying over
the other’s daughter

P. Wanken

Written for Poetic Asides 2012 PAD Challenge Day 16: write a “Mixed Up” poem (and in response to actual stories reported in the news).


  1. I remember the news story for that second one. Crazy, and heartbreaking, all ’round. That first one, oh my WORD. Can you imagine?
    You have taken truth, and turned it into poetry. Beautiful.


    1. That first story is a current headline…the second, was from several years ago–the niece of a friend of mine. It made national news, as well as a years-after-the-fact evening news TV program/special.

      Thanks for your feedback. Those two stories were what came immediately to mind when I read the prompt…and I tried all day to think of something else to write, not being sure of how to tell these stories. (Of course I’d end up telling them each in a shadorma! 😉 )



      1. You have positively MASTERED the shadorma, my friend.
        I am praying the niece of your friend was the actual LIVING girl. So heartbreaking, for all involved. Goodness.


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