Something New


a glance is exchanged
his breath, inhaled and held

the energy in the room
blends with his own adrenaline

emerging from his world
of cloak and dagger, tricks and flames

he pushed himself to this place,
beyond his comfort zone

flexing, and relaxing – not forceful –
he slowly exhales

his eyes meet the sweet smile
of the woman who makes his life richer

with a touch of the dramatic
they emerge from the crowd

for their first dance as husband and wife

P. Wanken

Written for The Sunday Whirl #52, using the following words: sweet, richer, dramatic, forceful, tricks, flames, energy, push, glance, exchange, breath, flexible, and blend. (I took a bit of liberty with the word “flexible” – and used “flexing.”)

SPECIAL NOTE: This, being prompt #52, concludes an entire year of writing a poem each week for The Sunday Whirl. A special thanks to Brenda Warren who has faithfully provided the prompt each week.


    1. 🙂 Glad you liked the surprise aspect. It was fun to write it that way. And thank you for the comment on the title…I swear that took longer to nail down than writing all of the rest of it! 😉

      As always — thanks for providing us with a place to Whirl! 😉


    1. 🙂 I had fun writing this — not being so evident in the beginning, with where it would end up. However, having never been married, I would suspect that he was still about to embark on an adventure! 😉

      *hugs* to you, ViV!


    1. It’s always interesting to see the picture that comes to mind when I read the words…I could probably write short fiction for them, but force myself to hone in on just what’s needed for the poem. The picture was quite vivid!


  1. Beautiful writing, especially: “with a touch of the dramatic they emerge from the crowd for their first dance as husband and wife” and a lovely surprise ending. I expected something completely different from your words: “emerging from his world of cloak and dagger, tricks and flames.”


  2. Paula, the title is perfect – such layered meanings. I like how he pushed himself “past his comfort zone” – considering the “world” he came from. A nice twist there.



    1. Thank you, Richard! As I mentioned to Brenda, I think the title took longer to write than the poem! I appreciate your comment re: layered meanings and the twist. It was a fun poem to write. 🙂


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