Poembombing for NaPoWriMo

I’ve already posted this poem, which was written for Joseph Harker’s Reverie Twelve: ephemeral. But there was more to the assignment…


For the time of day, it is very dark.
Is that a cloud obscuring the light?
My hand disappears before me,
there is no light for my path.
Striking a match, a flash,
quite temporary;
no replacement
for the loss
of the

P. Wanken

The other part of this prompt was to post this poem publicly somewhere and to provide pictures as “proof.”  I incorporated a bit of info on my postcard regarding NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month). One poem left on the first day of the month doesn’t necessarily constitute “poembombing,” but perhaps I’ll be inspired to leave others around as the month progresses. I will be passing through airports over the coming weekend — that might be a great opportunity to leave poems in random places. 🙂

Anyway…for this particular poem…here’s the proof:

postcard I chose for my poem

my poem written out -- with info about NaPoWriMo

my postcard stuck in the corner of a sign in a local restaurant


        1. I did my “regulars” for today (Poetic Bloomings & The Sunday Whirl), but was fortunate enough to do a two-fer and combined today’s PA prompt with the wordle from The Sunday Whirl. This poem, for Joseph’s Reverie, was from last week…I just finally got around to taking it to the streets today! 🙂

          *hugs* backatcha!


          1. OH, those tricky two-fers…always such a good idea. I need to learn so I don’t get burnt out. Four for me today and I just discovered the NaPoWriMo by stalking, De!! lol Thank you for the hugs, Paula.


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