Summer Break

photo prompt at Flashy Fiction, courtesy L. Kolp


June. Again. For the past 25 years of my adult life I have dreaded yet another “month of love” and the endless weddings that seem to happen for everyone but me. I was looking forward to getting away from it all this year.

After my latest ex-love-interest married last summer, I began to carefully plan my summer break. As a teacher, it meant I could escape for the entire summer if I wanted. I found a great deal on a summer-long rental of a cottage in the UP of Michigan. Far away from friends and family in Indianapolis. I knew no one there and would have no invitations to weddings that I would have to politely accept.

I moved into the cottage on Memorial Day. It was perfect! There were trees all out behind the house, which backed up to a State Park. In front of me, a gorgeous fresh water lake. I knew the water would be cold for most of my stay, but the view was the relaxation factor I was looking for in this escape.

The last few days of May, I did all the settling in activities: going to the grocery store, walking the lake front, and exploring the lush woods of the State Park. I even met a few folks who make their permanent residence along this beautiful lake. I was ready for my first full weekend of summer vacation.

Not quite out of the school-time routine of rising early in the morning, I woke this morning, the first Saturday in June, just as the sun began to break the horizon. I decided that after a steamy cup of coffee I would go for a walk in the park and then enjoy the lake front when the sun was a bit higher in the sky.

Heading out the back door, I had taken only a few steps before I saw a commotion just across the property, in the Park. Donna, one of the older ladies I had met earlier in the week who has lived here for years, was coming up the path. I stopped her to ask what was going on in the park.

“Oh, Hon, didn’t anyone tell you? That spot is one of the local favorites for weddings. It’s reserved every Saturday and Sunday, Memorial Day through Labor Day — rain or shine!”

“No, actually. I didn’t know that – but thanks for the information.”

“Dear, you really do have the best seat in the house!” she called, as she continued on down the path.

There was no possibility of taking a walk that day…or any Saturday or Sunday for the next month.

…sigh… “Gimme a break!”

#   #   #

Written for the photo and “an excerpt to insert” prompt (“There was no possibility of taking a walk that day.” ~Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte) at Flashy Fiction.


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