End of the Line


miniature worlds in limited space,
connected by hallways which carry
the varied dramas, gestures, singing —
sources of pleasures and pastimes —
snippets of previous, unique lives

yet, with one inherent similarity: an end

my hand, tentative on the handle,
drives the gurney forward;
what follows each of these lives
is a delivery to what each believes
awaits them when this life ends

P. Wanken

Written for The Sunday Whirl prompt #48, to use the following words: singing, sources, previous, carry, limit, hallways, gestures, drama, drives, follows, delivery, hand, and inherent.



  1. Interesting. You create a sympathetic speaker for this particular end we all face. I love the description of the hospital, the ‘miniature worlds’ everyone inhabits. Rich imagery in that stanza.


  2. With family in the Vol-fire service, which recently added QRS calls to help give our paid ambulance department much needed assistance, I can see this very vividly. Nicely wordled!


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