Six Word Saturday…3/17/12

Slept like salad:Β  tossed all night.

How is it that some nights I hardly move…and other nights I toss and turn and by morning, my linens look like I tried to tie them in knots?

I see a nap in my future!

Written for “Six Word Saturday”…click here to go to Cate’s blog to read other posts.



    1. Thanks, Laurie. I seem to be on a salad kick — two nights in a row! I’m hoping for something a little more like mashed potatoes tonight (an immovable lump!). πŸ˜‰


  1. At least, if you toss all night, in the morning you only need to smooth the sheets, not launder the drool out of them. Count your blessings, I guess, eh?


  2. “Slept like salad: tossed all night.”

    Cute…I have never heard this before!

    Hope you sleep better tonight.

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits


    1. Thanks, Linda — last night was not any better. I don’t think I can do salad three nights in a row!

      (BTW…glad you’d never heard it before because I made it up. Maybe I’ve coined a new phrase!?)


  3. loved your 6WS – a wonderful play of words – can just imagine how it feels having through few like that myself many a time..
    here’s wishing a saladless sleep..


  4. I can really relate! Though my salad night was on Thursday–Lettuce hope for more peaceful sleep tomato πŸ˜‰


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