Desert Heat

Written for Flashy Fiction’s prompt:  Burning Up

#   #   #


The days are getting warmer and with the time change, seem longer. Spring is just around the corner and Olivia couldn’t be happier. Winters are never that cold, but the consistent warmth of the sun is why she moved to Tucson three years ago. Yet, her favorite part of this time of year is the drop in mercury overnight…perfect for being wrapped in covers while breathing in the fresh air from open windows.

Olivia never used to be a nighttime bather—in North Dakota, it was out of her clothes and into long-johns and into bed as fast as possible. However, the warmth of daytime in the desert leaves her with a need to shower, and she soon realized how good it felt to slide between the soft coolness of the sheets, along with the weight of the quilt, against her bare body.

The whole experience flamed embers already burning within.

Olivia had met Jack that first winter in Arizona. They had an attraction almost immediately. By spring, they were talking on the phone late into the evening whenever possible—including those nights when she was snuggling bare (without revealing her secret to him). When she would hang up the phone, Olivia would close her eyes and imagine what it would be like for Jack to slide in behind her, pressing his body against hers…to feel the warmth of his breath on her neck…his knees tucked up behind hers. Every night she drifted off to sleep while holding those thoughts closely to her heart.

Now, three years later, she knows from experience what the desert heat can be like…even on cool, late-winter evenings.


        1. I haven’t done any reading today (or writing, for that matter) — but will have some time this evening to do so! YAY! I’ll have to be sure to get my bedtime story in before bedtime! 😉


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