Genesis to Eternity


as He spoke
in the beginning,
daylight broke;
continued with Man, who’d choke
the world by sinning

then His plan
began to unfold
to save Man,
it would mean
for His own Son, rather than
Man, a death untold

King of Kings
will return to stay;
He will fling
wide the gates…
and with the angels, we’ll sing
our praises that day

P. Wanken

Written for Poetic Bloomings “In-Form Poet” Prompt: Genesis, as developed by Walt Wojtanik.


  1. Wonderful! 🙂 Between yours, Hannah’s, and Marie’s, I think I might be just hanging up my pen. It’s such a fun form, but I’m a bit intimidated. 😉


    1. So kind of you to say, De…especially when I was feeling less than “natural” in coming up with the rhyming pattern. Hannah’s and Marie’s on the other hand: indeed!! …I’ve found it quite difficult to pick up my own pen these past several days!


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